The Falconers Folk Dance Club started in 1974. Members met in the Falcon Ball Room and danced to borrowed records, played on a member’s record player. The regular “caller” was Frank Stanbridge, a resident of Bromyard. Ceilidh dancing was in its heyday and the Club flourished with folk from Worcester, Hereford, Bromyard and Ledbury supporting it. Occasionally, visiting callers would be invited.

A few months later in 1975, the Falconers Band was formed, led by Roger Wilkins who still enthusiastically leads it today. Although initially formed to play for the club, the band was soon playing to a wider audience, especially after appearances at the Sidmouth Folk Festival, where an ability to ‘have a go’ at anything thrown at them quickly made them much in demand. The Band is highly respected and recognised as a “dancers” band throughout the country. Over the years the Band members have changed, but the live music at the Club is an attraction to both dancers and visting “callers”. The band is now usually a duo on outside events (see the band page on this website) but club nights are usually with Roger on accordion, although Maggie does travel across to play on occasions.

When the Falcon Hotel closed for a period in 1985 the Club moved to the Public Hall, and then when that closed in 1995, the Bromyard Leisure Centre became home to the Club. The Club returned “home” to the Falcon Hotel in Autumn 2003. This has proved to be the ideal location for the Club.

The Club meets fortnightly on Sunday evenings with a visiting “caller” every other meeting. A variety of dances are enjoyed from Playford through to American squares and contras, with the occasional Running Set and National Dance included.

Parties are held at Christmas and in May, at the end of the season. The Bromyard Folk Festival is supported by members and in some years the Club has also organised a half-day of dance with workshops and an evening dance during the Spring.

After a long gap, the Club enjoyed a residential weekend in November 2002 in Somerset at Halsway Manor, a beautiful Manor House dating from the fifteenth century, where folk related events are held regularly. Since then, the club has revisted Halsway every eighteen months or so.

The club has held two very enjoyable Playford Ball events - click to see pictures of the Playford Ball in October 2006 at the Falcon Hotel.

The future for the Club looks rosy and “well in step!”